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Kids ages 8+  Teen/Adult Ages 15+

We have many great classes available for kids and adults! Book a trial class online today.

Boxing and Kickboxing is an awesome workout that can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour!  


Our classes are a mix of awesome physical conditioning exercises and realistic style training. Beginner classes are non-contact/semi-contact. If you're tired of cardio classes that don't teach you anything, you'll love our program!  Many of our students just love our workouts.  Don't worry! Most of our classes are non-contact or semi-contact (partner training/mitts) and only our sparring classes have harder contact. 


Classes are taught by experienced martial artists so you're learning the correct way to train.  Don't learn bad habits from aerobics instructors with no real martial arts training skills. Learn from professionals.  All levels welcome and we offer an Intro to Boxing Class to get started. 


Skillz and Drillz & Technical Boxing classes are a combination of skills and conditioning.  We will teach you how to fight, work the mitts, bags, etc, in a safe manner.  You will learn the proper defense just like a fighter.  It's up to you if you want to take it to the next step or just get the skills and workout. 


FighterFit Classes are designed to get you in shape like a fighter while teaching you proper form and skills. 

Step into the ring with our Ringwork/Bagwork classes. Safety and Fun is our primary concern. You will learn how to fight in a safe environment, supervised by our coaches.  These are our advanced classes.

Kickboxing classes are available for both kids and adults. Kids will learn kickboxing in our advanced Karate/MMA program as well as our  Kids Kickboxing program. Adults will learn in our Box/KB Conditioning, Kickboxing skills/sparring, Striking and MMA Fit  classes.

Boxing 4 Kids is a Boxing program specifically for kids of younger ages.  We take kids into this program based on their ability to focus and use their skills in a positive manner.  Good or improving grades in school is a must.  Similar to our martial arts program, there is an emphasis on leadership skills, basic principles, focus, good sportsmanship and hard work.  Kids will have a great time, while learning practical and proper techniques, all while staying in shape and creating a healthy lifestyle. 

Kids Boxing (ages 8-15)

Tues 5:30 Beginner  6:30 Advanced

Wed 5:00 Advanced Sparring&Bag

Sat    11:30  Beginner  12:30 Advanced

Lil' Sluggers Boxing (ages 6/7) New!

Sat. 11:00

Kids Kickboxing (ages 8-15)

Wed 6:00

Sat 1:30

Thurs 5:30 Adv

Adult Classes age 15+ (Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Strength and Cond)

We offer daytime drop in classes as well as an Intro to Boxing Class. All other classes are included with our monthly membership. Enroll in monthly memberships in person after a trial class or drop in. Open gym is also included with our monthly memberships.  



12:00am - FighterFit

6:30 - Intro to Box (Book online!)

7:30 - FighterFit


7:30 - Technical Boxing (Int/Adv with approval)

8:30 - Open Ringwork (Int/Adv with approval)

*Must have full sparring gear


12:00 - Box/KB Bag & Cond) 

1:00  Daytime Sparring & open gym (:60)

7:00 - Striking (Boxing & Kickboxing)


6:30 - Bagwork Beatdown (:45)  New!

7:30 - Boxing Skills & Drills


12:15 - Bagwork Beatdown (:45) (Boxing)

5:15 - MMA Fit (A mix of conditioning, MMA, Kickboxing and Self-defense skills)


9:00am - Box/KB Circuit

10:00am - Open Sparring & Bagwork

Trial classes available through our website. 

Do you actually spar? Yes! We are USA Boxing Coaches and we teach sparring and can get you into boxing and kickboxing competitions, if desired.


Focus - Self-Discipline - Fitness - Confidence 

Karate/MMA starting at age 6+

Specializing in helping kids to become leaders.  We teach black belt success principles, not just punching and kicking. Your child will learn self-discipline and how to focus. He/she will do better in school. In addition to so many beneficial life skills, we teach emotional and physical self-defense so our students can defend themselves in any situation.  Your child will become confident in their abilities to stand up to bullies.  A confident person rarely gets into fights. We also teach essential verbal skills and awareness, stopping altercations before they get out of hand. Our students know when it's okay to use what they learn and when it's not. This is not just another sport, but a way of life.


Our Style is a Mixed Martial Arts program created by Mr. Papile in 1993.  It incorporates Realistic Self-Defense and Bully Prevention with Kickboxing, Ground Skills and TaeKwonDo Kicking Skills.  We focus on 3 main categories consisting of Self-Defense, Skills, and Sport/Strength and Conditioning. Most importantly, our students need to know who to defend themselves and stand up to bullies or potential attackers. We practice Verbal, Emotional and Physical Defense. While physical skills are super important, we also practice many life skills and personal development.  We work to create leaders by teaching our students how to become role models, make eye contact, have confidence and lead by example.  Lastly, our students will become quicker, stronger and healthier with our Strength and Conditioning component.  Coach Rob is also a Certified Personal Trainer.  While we are not super strict with tradition, we do work through the rank system and earn belts.  Students with the right perseverance and dedication have the ability to earn their Black Belts


Don't compare our classes to just another sport.  No other sport teaches the skills that we do.  There is a huge value in our program so sign up today!

Monday 5:30 Beginner Karate/MMA

Wed  6:00 Kickboxing

Thurs  5:30 Adv Kickboxing

Sat  1:30 Kickboxing

Limited class size so sign up for a trial today!


Learn from highly trained coaches. Personalized training for you.

Our coaches will design a training program specifically for you, helping you to reach your goals even faster. Contact us now to secure your spot as they fill up fast!  Click here to see availability or contact us for more info.

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