Contact us for complete schedule and to set up a free class/tour.

KARATE (American Karate and Kickboxing):

  • Little Ninja's (Age 3-5 ) Thursday 10:00am
  • Kickin' Kids  (Ages 6 and up)  

           -Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings. 

           Contact us for exact class times.

  • Adult Karate/Kickboxing   Tues 6:30-7:25 
  • RealFit  Thursday 6:30-7:25

           *Realistic Self-Defenseand Conditioning class

            Men and Women 16+

Kids Boxing (Ages 7-14) 

  • Tues 5:30-6:15
  • Saturday 11:00-12:00  (Kids/Family Class)



(Non-Contact or Semi-Contact - All levels) 

**Private and Semi-Private session are also available**

  • Monday:        11:00am Mitt Work & Cond 

                               6:00pm  Intro to Boxing  New!

                               7:00pm FigherFit Boxing/KB 


  • Tuesday:       6:30pm  Technical Boxing

                               7:30pm  Ringwork/Bag/Cond


  • Wednesday:  11:00am Kickboxing Circuit

                               6:00pm Strength and Cond

                               7:00pm Group Boxing/KB 

  • Thursday:      7:30pm Skillz and Drillz

  • Friday:           12:15  Box/KB Bagwork and Cond           


  • Saturday:       9:00am Box/KB Circuit

                               9:45am Ringwork/Bag/Cond

                               11:00am Family Boxing/KB (Sign up now!)


 -Open Gym times are available for monthly members

 -Private Sessions are available for Boxing, Karate, Self-Defense, Strength and  Conditioning, General Fitness and Kickboxing by our great coaches/trainers!

**Contact us for complete schedule!  Go to our 'Trials' page to sign up for a trial program or take a FREE CLASS.  You can also email us at with any additional questions.