I've been going to Rob's Fight Club for the last four months. I'm really glad to have found a gym that is friendly and welcoming. Rob is a great boxing instructor and very motivating. He gives each student individual attention even in a group setting. I feel like I'm getting in great shape and am definitely more confident. My daughter joined at the same time and it's a fun family activity. I would definitely recommend Rob's Fight Club to all ages.

-Sara D.

My son was in Rob's karate class for many years. Rob is courteous, professional and kind as was his excellent staff.
Our experience was about more than just the sport. Rob instilled values. It was about respect, integrity and simply doing the right thing.

We had a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend Rob and his school!
Thank you, Rob!

 -Rhonda Tiernan

I have had the privilege and honor of watching Mr. Papile develop over the last 25 years as both an outstanding young man and. excellent martial artist. Over the years I have judged his performances in kata (forms) and kumite (fighting) many times. His skills in both areas set the standards all else were judged by. Later in his career his growth continued both as a fine young gentleman and martial arts sensei (teacher). I was always impressed by the talents displayed by his students and his kind, gentle way of working with his younger ones. There are Karate schools and programs on every corner. There are none of his caliber. I've seen so many kids spoiled of the chances a martial arts study offers by starting out with the wrong school or teacher. Those who are looking around at available karate dojo (schools) will find no better than Mr. Papile's. I personally endorse and recommend Mr. Papile and his dojo.

-Kyoshi David Nielsen
 Sho-Ha Shorin Ryu Karate Do
 Shishidan (7th degree)

After belonging to other schools, I was not quite happy with them and searched until I found Mr. Papile's karate school. It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for, so much so that I enrolled myself, my wife, son and daughter.......where we all earned our Black Belts from Mr. Papile. I was impressed by the professionalism of the school in how it ran classes that were very instructional, safe and FUN....something that is imperative for kids to want to do it. The positive atmosphere and encouragement meant that no one was ever made to feel that they couldn't achieve a goal, everyone's goal became a team effort. I would highly recommend any martial arts school being run by Mr. Papile........everyone in my family would also.

-Al Pacanowski


I have addressed this letter to “Coach” and not to Robert Papile by name for a few specific and life changing reasons. Coaches help make up a portion of our societal fabric that often goes unnoticed and under appreciated. In the greater schema that is laid out by society to judge and measure individual success often misses the mark because the simple question of who is the most important coach in your life is not asked. Without this question, false impressions are often what results in our judgment of individual success.

The title of Coach is a great one, which should rank highly among titles such as Father, Mother, Minister, and Rabi just to name a few. All of these titles of address are well respected in our communities, regions, countries and beyond. There is not an athlete, scholastic or not, in the world who has not called someone Coach during their great adventures in athletics, debate or chess team practice for that matter.

However, very few coaches are remembered by the masses in time and history as the athlete is remembered and the coach seemingly fades into oblivion. The coach does not simply fade away, this is a mistake that the writers and readers of history make when focusing solely on the partaker of sport or game. Once an athlete reaches the pinnacle of success, it is a coach’s duty to steer the next participant on a path to great achievements.

This continued schema of coach, teach and mentoring our youth through their most impressionable years is what builds a stronger societal fabric. The stronger that fabric, the less issues like race, ethnicity, and financial status matter to us. Learning these values of life in Rob’s boxing gym have proven invaluable then and today. I went on to have some success in boxing and even greater success in life as I will retire from the United States Army later next year and have since 2006 had the privilege of becoming a boxing coach and passing along many of the great values I learned from coach.

A boxing gym where respect and discipline, whether they be inward or outward are at the forefront. This will set our young folks and sometimes those in need of second chance up for success. These are just a few of things I would and you should expect from a Robert Papile run gym, and watch as “Yes Coach” and “No Coach” turn into a “Yes Ma’am” and “No Ma’am” at home and in the public.

Case in point, a young man walks into a boxing gym at twelve years old and only ever wins half of his fights or never even competes, but stays until he graduates from high school and goes onto college, is a resounding success. World champions are one in a million at best, but high school dropouts and those who never even attempt college are far too many in households today. Coach Robert Papile is and will be a vital member of the community as his new gym should be looked at as a place where a better tomorrow starts today.



Robin McWilliams

Coach, USA Boxing