Rob Papileis the owner and main instructor of Rob's Fight Club.  Mr Papile has 32 years of martial arts experience and has won hundreds of martial arts awards, including dozens of grand championship belts/trophies. 

Rob was the 1992 State TKD champion in heavyweight fighting in Pittsburgh, PA. Rob has trained for years in Full-Contact fighting, including Boxing and Kickboxing and is a Tough Man Champion.

Prior to opening RFC he owned a Karate/Boxing/KB gym for 13 years where he trained hundreds of students in Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Realistic Self-Defense, Defensive Tactics and Family Protection.  He is also a certified USA Boxing Coach and a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. (NASM CPT)

Recent Accomplishments Include: 

-2014 World Karate Union Grand Championship in Black Belt Fighting.

-2015 AK Continuous Contact Fighting Champion.

Kenneth C. Weister, NPTI CPT
Personal Trainer - Boxing & Kickboxing Coach

Ken is a top graduate of the National Personal Training Institute, one of the most comprehensive training institutes in the world. Ken has more than 10 years of experience training individual clients, client groups, and teaching classes in a variety of settings including large gyms, and at-home settings.  Ken has trained at some of the most prestigious combat sports gyms in the country.  He is the holder of the 2007 Philadelphia Golden Gloves championship (heavyweight division), as well as the two-time holder of the Lucien Blackwell Championship.  He has sparred with nationally and internationally ranked boxers and brings a deep understanding of how combat sports training can help get clients into shape through the use of combat training drills, progressive resistance and interval cardio helps clients lose fat, and gain strength and flexibility.

Ken’s clients have included men and women of all ages and abilities, including clients with severe physical restrictions (including paraplegia) up to competitive bodybuilders, amateur and professional boxers and MMA fighters.  His knowledge and experience of how to design and implement individualized workouts and workout programs has helped Ken achieve of the highest retention rates in the area.  His clients see and feel the results.  Ken’s programs specialize in boxing/kickboxing, functional training, fat loss, plyometrics and bodybuilding/physique training.Type your paragraph here.


Joe O'Connor (On Right)  Rob Papile (On Left)

Brian Schneider

Fitness Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Brian always had a passion for sports and exercise growing up. He played collegiate basketball at Pennsylvania College of Technology where he was named on the All Conference Team. Transferring to Millersville University, Brian graduated with a Bachelor's degree of Science. Throughout his 10 years of experience, Brian has coached a variety of clients from athletes to the every day person looking to lose weight, move better and feel healthier.

Bill Mitchell

Personal Trainer

I have been a personal trainer for the last 20 years.  My love for training began back in high school when I started playing football and then continued to grow while I was playing football in college. It was during that time through various injuries of my own that I started learning how to train post physical therapy patients. From there it progressed to being a trainer in commercial gyms, then running the fitness departments for a number of large corporate gyms including LA Fitness and Bally Total Fitness, where I continued to excel as one of the best in the company.  In 2007 I left the corporate gym industry to open my own personal training studio where I was recognized as having of the best training studios in Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia Counties. During that time I furthered my own training and have come to excel with all types of injuries.  I have helped a countless number of people in their fitness journeys whether that was to lose weight, gain muscle and tone their bodies.  I have trained everyone from housewives all the way to training boxers, MMA fighters, gymnasts, semi-pro and pro athletes including an Olympic Field Hockey Player. I am excited to share my skills and knowledge with the members of Rob's Fight Club.

Joe O'Connor

RFC Striking Coach
Joe comes to RFC with over 20 years of martial arts experience with a focus on full-contact fighting.  He holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do/Moo Duk Kwan and has fought in 11 amateur kickboxing fights and numerous exhibition fights (both boxing and kickboxing) in the tri-state area.  As a fighter and an assistant instructor for a well-known Northeast Philadelphia gym, Joe has worked with hundreds of students and fighters of all skill levels over the years, including sparring with former US and World champions.  Bringing that experience to RFC, Joe runs our Coaching Class designed to help RFC students "hit more and get hit less", develop full contact fighting skills and get a great workout.